Soothing & Healing Massage Therapy
in Toronto, ON

Body Language is skilled in the art of providing a calm and relaxing atmosphere for your massage therapy in Toronto, ON. Our sixty and ninety-minute treatments combine the healing techniques of soothing Swedish, deep-tissue massage, and reiki with aromatherapy.


Relax The Body

To make your session a tranquil experience, we provide a heated massage table and flannel sheets that will take the edge off the winter months. In the summer, our fully air-conditioned studio offers cool comfort with pleasant cross breezes to gently soothe your soul.

Calming Aromatherapy

Non-greasey, paraben free, and cruelty-free massage lotion with organic jojoba and shea butter complimented with artful combinations of essential oils will soothe your senses. For those with sensitive skin, a hypoallergenic grape seed oil is also available.

Music for The Soul

Rejuvenating music during your massage therapy will leave you uplifted and anticipating your next session. Call or email today to book your session and look forward to easing the stress from your body and mind.

Candles, Massage Stones, & Towels